Confidently measure transport, travel & event emissions with ease using the Path Net Zero Platform.

CSR & ESG Ready!

All measurements are supported by recognised data sets that can be incorporated into your reporting and Gold Standard certification with your companies retirement noted within the Impact Register.

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Why Path Net Zero?
From logistics to employee commuting or domestic and international business and leisure travel you can now accurately and easily report on individual or company-wide impacts within your ESG reporting.
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What is CSR & ESG?
Beyond investors and corporate stakeholders, consumers and employees are demanding more information about how businesses address their social and environmental impact.
This means Corporate, Social, Responsibility

In essence, you are looking backward and you are stating what you have done in the last year,  i.e. your contribution to society. How did your company impact the world around you? It is unregulated and is voluntary. You chose to do this and you chose to tell: This is measuring your values.

CSR aims at making a business accountable.CSR voluntarily demonstrates a companies ethos: Your VALUES
This means Environmental, Social & Governance

In essense, ESG is a critical component in your financial reporting. It demonstrates how the world impacts your business, based on for example, your behaviours and therefore becomes a financial measurement of your companies value.

ESG makes the accountability measurable. ESG attracts investors (and consumers): Your VALUE

Providing our partners a simple, intuitive platform to measure leisure, hospitality, business and employee travel with qualified data enabling you to deliver accuracy and complete transparency within your CSR or ESG targets with Verified Emission Reductions through certified offset efforts toward a minimum target of achieving Carbon Neutral travel.

How it Works
Path Net Zero (PNZ) have partnered with industry experts to ensure that the data sources that feed into the calculator are recognised, verified, factual and specific to the individual metrics.
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Exclusive access to our calculator, simplifying how you calculate the complex carbon emissions of a multi-faceted travel itinerary.
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From the chosen project portfolio, the partner allocates VERs for the equivalent footprint of the travel impact to certify the trip as Carbon Neutral.
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The VERs have already been retired and the detail of the travel activity and associated project are allocated to the Carbon Ledger.
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All activities and calculations are saved within the template history, enabling partners to apply offsets repeatedly without having to recalculate for repetitive journeys.
1 x Verified Emission Reduction VER though Gold Standard = 1 tonne of C02 Offset delivered
How we Work Together
Path Net Zero is committed to positively impacting the planet by equipping businesses with a simple, intuitive solution to measure carbon emissions and offset them in one streamlined platform.
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Initial Consultation
We want to get to know you and your sustainability goals to be an enabler to your success.
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Understand the Market
We make the complex, simple and help you understand the market, process and value.
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Select Projects to Fund
We walk you through project options and help find meaningful solutions to your ethos.
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Dedicated Team
We are here for ongoing marketing, customer, verification and educational support.
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Platform Delivered
Offset your products and services through the platform and only top up when stock is depleted.
Frequent Questions
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